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Friday, October 25, 2019


tending or seeking to acquire and own, often greedily; eager to get wealth, possessions, etc.:

There’s the Veveeta Vulgarian and cabinet’s level of gauche acquisitiveness. Ya know HOW many yachts does any family rillly need? And if you're already a multi-millionaire (AND your wife grew up in a fucking castle!) do you honestly need the government to foot the travel bill for your lavish honeymoon to Scotland, France and Italy?


Rapacious, avaricious or just plain grabby

Then there’s the more human level of being acquire-mad. You know, the folks who’ve GOT to have the ginormous house (even if they don't have a big fam to fill it) or those who feel the need for THE latest flash vehicle or, simply, the people who buy new clothes or whatever just because they appeal – not because they’re needed.

Most of us fall into that last group at least occasionally during our lives.

Spending money, having the dosh to pick up something that strikes my fancy made me feel good – it gave me a happy. I got a mega powerful rush, back in my younger days, when I brought my three and a half foot tall gryphon, Cedric home. When I found THE perfect winter coat, at a flea market in Amsterdam, I was ecstatic for days. Same/same when I came across this sweet ottoman that my feets are resting on. I'd get a flood of endorphins when I found a luscious MUST HAVE pair of earrings. Book buying would also trigger a minor rush. I was doing something for ME – something that’d bring me happiness even if just for the length of the story.

Here’s the thing, while I love being surrounded by books, it started to feel sorta selfish to horde them. I donated most of the ones that I don't reread on the regular to the library. This way others can enjoy them too.  And now, I frequent the Thomas Crane . I've found that borrowing books gives me close to the same rush. Maybe more since I don’t have to find space for them when I’m done reading AND I didn’t spend hard won dough for 'em either.

As for other, bigger ticket items, I’d love to have a whole whack of gryphons, winter coats from every county I’ve visited, alluring ottomans in myriad styles – I could buy MORE art too BUT I live in a wee cottage. The Amazing Bob used to say if you bring something new home, something’s gotta go out. Wise. I love the size of my small house though there’s less to clean and less to heat. Big time pluses.

It feels like I’m now in an anti-acquisitive stage of life. I don’t want or need another pair of earrings, another ring, another coat and if I see a brill gryphon, I’ll take a pic. I've given away all my office work type clothes. I don't need the damn clutter. It's too damn easy to get buried in STUFF.

And how much stuff do any of us really need?