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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Fears Assuaged


Shit CAN change for the better—YEA!

For starters and most importantly, the nurses here at Spaulding are totes superhero-esque. When I buzz for an assist, they’re here almost instantaneously. Not only that, the team is all kinds of mega efficient, kind and have senses of humor.

Next—let’s talk food. MGH had a BRIEF flirtation with grub that wasn’t all bland, steamed (I repeat myself though) or otherwise in need of SERIOUS seasoning repair. During that all too short gastronomical experiment, the dishes were imaginative, well made and def mood elevating. Also, there were more vegetarian options than just a black bean burger or a grilled cheese sandwich.

Last night, here in food heaven, I had butternut squash/sage ravioli and roasted Brussels sprouts which were right up there with Jen’s. AMAZING!!! 

I’ve got an interesting  view (it ain’t Valhalla but what is?) and the room art, while not Basquiat or otherwise daring or radical, is sweet, easy on the eyes and not cloyingly odious.

Yesterday was all about intake interviews and today I’ll begin PT evals. Dunno how long I’ll be in but I’ve been told the average stay is two to three weeks.

I can do this!