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Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Yesterday's Physical Therapy was fucking brutal. No surprise that the therapist staff refer to themselves as Physical Terrorists and Other (Occupational) Terrorists (if I’m remembering that right). However true it may be, the phrase no pain, no gain just pisses me right, the fuck, off. For all the pain I’m in , on a daily fucking  level, I should feel like Wonder Woman now AND have her physical attributes and her talents too. Don’cha think?

Ten is busy at home installing grab bars and otherwise readying then joint for my return. No, I can’t walk yet but PERHAPS this time next week I’ll at least be able to hobble. Hopes are high.



  1. A friend used the word Undeterred recently and I thought of you. Persevering despite setbacks. You are a Bada$$ Broad! Sending you tie-dyed vibes that swirl around you, speeding your healing and boosting your super powers!

    1. I hope I I'm as undeterred as you mention. This is some hard ass shit! I know I'm bitchy if nit badassed. :-)