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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Slow Walking

I want to do stuff on my own. Like what? Go to the bathroom, get dressed, get outta bed, shower (fer fuck’s sake!). Nothing terribly dramatic or overly ambitious. Just everyday shit.

I know, I know, I’m getting there. With the big heavy brace and a walker I CAN walk, if mega slowly and NOT up and down stairs yet. I CAN shower and do other assorted bathroom stuff – I just need a spotter. *sigh*

I’m two and a half months (feels like a zillion) post surgery and I still can’t walk to the end of the bloody driveway and back. (let alone up and down stairs. We’re gonna have a big party when I pass that mark!) This is no funzies to say the
very christ-on-buttered-rye least. Shit man, even Coco’s bored with me!

Impatient? Yeah, I may have mentioned that’s one of my more developed talents.

What I’m waiting on now is the door to door COVID vaccine sticker. It’ll be someone from MGH and they’re doing the Johnson & Johnson one. Is the brand you get a big ocelot fucking deal? I suspect not but what do I know? I’m just happy to live in Massachusetts where 58%  of the population has received at least one dose of the vaccine so far. Pretty soon I’ll feel safe having friends and fam visit me here in my big fun-time isolation chamber.

Wheeeee! No RILLY, different people? This could be a shock to my system. I may crawl in my closet to hide from the intensity.

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