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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

This & That

Morning – always gorgeous here in Valhalla.

You all know know that I’m one of those despicable Morning Persons? Waking at six AM is the height of slothful indolence – I’m usually up by four or five. I don’t TRY to rise and shine so damn early – it’s just how I’m wired.
Night owls may have a certain cool factor — glowing eyes, mesmerizing hoots, and killer instincts — but chipper morning larks actually have it better. At least, they do in the human world: Research suggests people who naturally wake up early are often able to avoid serious mental health challenges while enjoying a work schedule that aligns more closely with their natural clocks. (source)
Huh, waddya know. This could explain my general cheeriness in the face of daunting reality. Either that or I'm stoned all the damn time – one or the other. Ya know?

Big TV movie the summer I turned ten – They Saved Hitler’s Brain. You may insert all appropriate Former Guy references, snark and warning shots here.

My orange light plastic glasses broke – one of the stems fell off. WHY do I not have one of those handy dandy glasses fixer upper kits?  Just As well. I need a new prescription AND I have a spare to get me by until I have one. Spare pair is cool as hell but heavy. MUST get other glasses soonish.

One of the good(ISH) things about Recoveryville – though I have loads of shit to attend to (dentist, optometrist, annual boob squishing {AKA mammogram], etc.) I’ve got a stellar reason for putting them off.

I did super-duper in my PT on Monday. I even walked around the first floor – with walker BUT no brace. It was awesome. Lest I think I’m close to all better, my poor left leg has been bitching at me ever since. One step forward and two back or something like that.

Gratuitous  Coco snap

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