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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Smoke On the Water

Smokey sunrise from Ten's morning walk
Yesterday’s doctor appointment for my sweet kitten went reasonably well, though she may have hyperthyroidism.

This would explain her relatively large weight loss over the past year (3 pounds—yes, I’ve been horribly worried). They’ve tested her—we’re now in wait and see mode now.

Today is my turn. Mind you, this morning’s appointment is with my PCP versus one of my brain, spine, eye or blood minders. The worst thing I’m expecting is finding out precisely how much gross, evil and mocking weight I’ve gained over the past no good, very bad year. Yes, I’m dreading this. It’s not like I can up my exercising by any significant amount and I don’t imagine my rehab exercises are all that magically wondrous for weight loss. If they were I’d be swimsuit model svelte but noooooo.

Possibly, like Coco, my thyroid is out of whack and a little abracadabra and enchanted pill action will sort me out right quick. That’d be nice and easy.

I could tolerate some easy right about now. No, I'm not expecting it.

It surprised me when I realized that my down mood was/is rooted in today’s doc appointment. Honestly, my PCP is the very least scary of all my docs (weight gain notwithstanding). Still, like The Amazing Bob in his final years, I’m afraid of what she might find. I’m scared I won’t be able to come home—that I'll be staying at The Hotel MGH (due to some curious shit they’ve just GOT to check out) for the foreseeable future.

This, THIS, is why I need escapist books and teevee. Taking long walks, camera in hand, would help too but that’s a year off (minimum). Hey, here’s an idea—I could have Ten, Jen and/or Oni wheel me down to the seawall. I can stare at and take snaps of those lovely short waves!

I can also start doing the loosening up exercises that one of my PTs showed me. Ya know, on the regular and shit. That would, at the least, release some of the tension and pain in my neck and shoulders.

Gee, great idea, n
'est-ce pas? Glad she thought of it.

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