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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Art and Stuff

I’ve got this tune in my head this morning for the most absurd reason. My second pair of glitter cons came in the mail yesterday, the ones that the brace would, theoretically, fit into. It doesn’t. It won’t. Cons are built thin and just won’t accommodate my fat brace. I'm totes heartbroken—fer reals. Look at the brace below and high tops at right—they're absolutely STUNNING together!

Also, I don’t go out much at all now, except to the doc’s office and MGH—it struck me that there’s an awful lot of lacing just to go to the can, downstairs to read in my dark green velvet chair and/or over to Jen and Oni’s to watch teevee. Way too much lacing. Now I’m, once more, on the hunt for happiness-inspiring, stylish, silver sneaks. They've gotta be low tops that are relatively easy to put on and off.

I haz a giant sad which brought me to a great line in Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club.

If you don’t cry sometimes, you’ll end up crying all the time.

The book’s a cozy mystery more or less. It’s not grizzly, the amateur sleuths are older (even older than yurs truly!), comfortable (not rich, not poor). The stories are as much about lovely twists and turns of friendship as they are about untimely, violent, unexpected deaths and nailing the killers. Often they not only solve murders but fix up a couple of sweet, lonely and unaccountably single 20 or 30-somethings. Think Miss Marple, Hannah Swensen, Jenna Quin and on and on.

Yeah, I’m always embarrassed to say I love these. Why? They’re not exactly deep or profound. Hey, you know me—Queen of Escapism.

What’s different about this one is that there’s not just one amateur PI. There’s a whole elderly Scooby gang. It’s fabulous.

Finally, I saw this incredible piece of street art on the bird app yesterday. No artist was listed but my own sleuthing led me to the French artist Abys Osmoz. Dunno if it’s still there but it was on Long Art Street in Montpellior, France in 2018.

Want more! 

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