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Friday, November 5, 2021

Greetings Donna fans

Donna’s surgery Tuesday went very well! Dr. Coumans The Great was able to remove the tumor that was twisting itself completely around her spinal cord. It was pressing into it with such force that it caused major problems for Donna, as you know. 

The fear, anxiety and panic leading up to her shocking diagnosis in the ER last week was rough, to say the least, but true to form, Donna took it in stride and simply asked her neurologist, Dr. Plotkin: what’s the next step?  Not surprisingly, the answer was more surgery…Nooooooo!   It’s only been 6 months since her brain surgery!  Sadly, NF2 doesn’t care that Donna is still recovering from multiple neuro surgeries over the last 2 years, or that the hard-won progress she’s made since March wasn’t something she was willing to forfeit.


Dr. Coumans visited Donna this morning and proclaimed that she’s doing very well, and should be “back at it in a month”.  YAY!


To say that Donna “takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’” seriously trivializes the suffering she has endured, especially of late, but it is the most apt way I can describe her near constant drive to conquer this disease and get well.  She is our beloved SUPER HERO BUNNY RABBIT WARRIOR QUEEN!  She will prevail 😊