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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Assorted Stuff

I dreamed that John Scalzi and I were a two person marketing team for some small tech company. The product—who knows? The important bit was that Scalzi figured we just had to craft gold paper crowns STAT! This was a mega importante part of the promo. We got down to it.

The next dream was nowhere near as much fun. In it I was scrubbing tiles in the bathtub. Yes, it’s something I need to do but **sheesh** how offensively dull is this? Dreams about housecleaning? I really need to get out more…or something.
Sea lions were seen yacht-jacking off the coast of Washington. GO team sea lion!
Today is the fourth anniversary of Aretha Franklin’s death. Respect!
NASA’s Europa Clipper (sounds more like a commuter boat than a research spaceship) launches in October of 2024.
NASA’s Europa Clipper spacecraft will perform dozens of close flybys of Jupiter’s moon Europa, gathering detailed measurements to investigate whether the moon could have conditions suitable for life. Europa Clipper is not a life detection mission – its main science goal is to determine whether there are places below Europa’s surface that could support life.
Europa shows strong evidence for an ocean of liquid water beneath its icy crust. Beyond Earth, Europa is considered one of the most promising places where we might find currently habitable environments in our solar system. Europa Clipper will determine whether there are places below Europa’s surface that could support life.
Europa may have underwater snow, AKA frazil ice (not to be confused with Fraggle Rock) which forms in flakes like snow in the water column and floats up until it sticks to the underside of the ice shelf. Fascinating shit, no?
Conjoined twins (with fused brains even!!!!) in Brazil have been successfully separated. They were operated on by a team of doctors around the world who worked together in the same “virtual room.” I really wanna know how this worked. Did they use Zoom or what?

Surgery lasted 27 hours. Goddamn! My longest OR dance was 18 hours. Do the docs get meal and smoke breaks? Are there nap rugs? How can anyone concentrate and focus for that many hours. I need a wee siesta just thinking about this.
I’m curious, can the three completely undeserving and unqualified Supreme Court Justices nominated and installed by that griftasaurus Russian asset and his pet on-the-take Republi/Fascists be disqualified—booted off the bus, Gus—when tfg is indicted for espionage?

Can we, for that matter, start impeaching the fuck out of Mr. Ginni Thomas now? Asking for a benighted nation.

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