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Friday, January 27, 2023


Woke from a dream—a rather unpleasant one. I was at a low-key house party in Somerville. The place was your basic cheap student type crib—the first floor of a triple decker, small rooms, in much used rough shape, filled with curbside and trash picked furniture.

That wasn’t the bad part of the dream.

This was—I was sitting on a couch, talking with Tiffany Trump. WHY! It was my job to find out if she was aligned with her duplicitous, skeezy siblings. Again WHY?! I think I was some sort of spy (working for who?!?) but I was also, weirdly, personally invested. That is, I didn’t want Tiffy to be a dimwitted, traitorous, thieving griftosaurus like her older half-brothers, sister and father.

I wanted her to be ethical, kind, intelligent, honest and NOT a weasel-headed swindler. I wanted to find evidence that she’d thrown off the insidious shackles of her genetic heritage and was her own person.

So, what did my sleepy-time spy op turn up? Mostly that TFG’s younger daughter was a tediously banal conversationalist and had the general social skills of a trashed pom-pom. Whether she was involved in her family’s corrupt-o-fest was unclear but seemed unlikely.

In real life (incredibly, my dreams are NOT real—go figure), I’ve actually wasted time imagining that the reason this recent law school grad hadn’t taken the bar exam was because she didn’t want to become her father’s latest, sacrificial, unpaid pleader. More likely, I thought, she put off the exam in order to plan her big fat Florida wedding.

Nope, that wasn't the reason. I just found a couple articles where little Tiff has actually said that she wants to commit career suicide (I’m paraphrasing of course) by lawyering for her family firm (Thugs R Us).

Tiffany Trump did not take the bar exam earlier this month and has put her legal career on hold until her father, President Donald Trump, figures out where he is working next year. Sources tell OK! that Tiffany had the option of taking the bar exam earlier this month in Washington, D.C., or New York, but decided to instead hit the road and start traveling the country in support of her father's bid for reelection. (source)
OOF—clearly NOT a bright, enlightened bulb

Back to my original question—why the fuck did I have a dream about this young woman who’s obvs no better or smarter than the rest of her crime family? I thought every family had a rebel or two. Hell’s bells, even Ronnie Raygun had two individualistic kids


I guess it’s unsurprising to learn that TFG’s DNA is pervasively toxic.

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