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Monday, March 20, 2023

Orchestrated Hoopla

You realize of course that it’s the weasel king of liars himself who’s saying he’ll be arrested on Tuesday. No one else in office or in charge of the multiple investigations into his monster criminality, has stated or promised us this.

Even the Tangerine Twat’s own people are, basically, saying yeah, this is just more grifting wind he’s blowing out his ass shaped face.
Trump’s spokesperson told USA TODAY there has been “no notification” related to the timing of possible criminal charges. But the former president’s call for protests caused concern for law enforcement involved in preparing for such an event. (source)
So, pardon me if I see this as nothing more than his shiny new martyr shtick, engineered to own the news cycle.

He gets:

  • the attention he craves like the blood a vampire thirsts after.
  • the news orgs distracted, AGAIN, from talking about his bigger crimes (like selling the U.S. out to Putin).


  • his violent, whackaloon mob base get wood and their panties (plus guns) in a bunch to riot again. More yummy chaos.

Yam Tits is acting the role of an evil, corrupt, chicken-hearted version of Princess Leia messaging Obi-Wan. Help me MAGAts, you’re my only hope. He wants them to start a war to keep his ugly, viciously greedheaded, dim-fucking-witted ass out of jail. Good luck to the dopes who try to get out to Mar-A-Lago to rescue him—the joint’s on an island with only one road in. Plus, unlike craven Cancun Cruz, Donnie would never get in a truck with his fanbois.

I’d dearly love to see him perp walked for all his crimes, not just for paying hush money to a porn star. How about all the crimes he’s committed EVER or, at least, since he began his last campaign in 2015? Check out this lovely compendium by CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington).

No, I don’t think he’s going to be arrested tomorrow. Maybe soon, maybe never.

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