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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Words and Cookies

Word for the day:

a stupid or silly person : fool, simpleton.

Used in a sentence?

     Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert is an absolute, weapons grade nincompoop and I'm being nice.

From where does this wonderful word come?

Nincompoop has a history as unusual as its meaning. One hypothesis includes connections to the Latin phrase 'non compos (mentis),' meaning “not of sound (mind).” Alternatively, nincompoop could simply be an elaboration based on 'ninny,' which may come from "innocent." Nincompoop was first recorded in English in the 1670s. (source)

Late 17th century: perhaps from the given name Nicholas or from Nicodemus (by association with the Pharisee of this name, and his naive questioning of Christ; compare with French nicodème ‘simpleton’). (source)

The answer to the origin question is…//shrugs//.

It’s a chill, rainy morning so, for today’s walk, Jen and I went to the supermarket. I had big ideas—plans, I had PLANS! I was gonna get scrumptious snacks for today's tea time. Problem. I overdid it on the elliptical yesterday (half hour versus 20 minutes. Apparently, I’m not quite ready to jump up to 30 yet). We walked into Stop&Shop at 7:30 AM, it wasn’t crowded and I was sure that I remembered all I’d wanted to pick up and in what aisle I could find it. (wrong)

But then Jen spotted the cookie aisle. Specifically, her eye was caught by the 70 bazillion different flavors and styles of Oreos. I was transfixed and, naturally, forgot everything else I wanted AND the fact that I was really at the store to have my daily walk (out of the rain and wind).

Miraculously, we managed to escape the commercial cookie department without even a single package of caramel coconut OR chocolate hazelnut sandwich cookies. (I may need to return to the store later) By the time we made it over to the bakery department I was too tired to browse the cakes, biscuits and pies (mmmmmm, pie!) and just snagged some fresh asiago cheese bagels and aimed my rollator for the door.

We managed to hit the check out before I could be sucked into the Easter candy vortex. It wasn’t easy. Despite my exhaustion, Jen had a hell of a battle getting me away from the Cadbury Creme Eggs.

I have one question—what the everlovin' fuck is birthday cake flavor? My b-day cake is always carrot. Couldn't the manufacturers just call them Carrot Cake Oreos? Are all birthday cakes supposed to be the same flavor (and NOT carrot)? Seems pretty fascist if you're asking me.

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