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Friday, March 31, 2023

There's Good News too...REALLY!

There is something deeply hypocritical about praying for a problem you are unwilling to resolve.
~ Miroslav Volf

I’m out of reading matter again, dammit. What inevitably happens, if I can’t find something soon, is that I'll start doomscrolling. There’s no shortage of doom, destruction and hopelessness to read about. How awfully bloody cheery!

Oops, too late—the stroll through insanity and incompetent gaslighting has begun.

The House GUP (Greedheaded Unhinged Pestilence) is continuing to make utter fools of themselves (as usual).

Lauren three-time-GED-failer Boobert, has furiously and repeatedly demanded to know precisely when it became legal to pee in public in D.C.  (it isn’t). Apparently, this non-issue, for her teeny tiny non-functioning brain, is the most important problem we citizens collectively face.

Kevin Spineless McCarthy wants to meet with Biden to negotiate raising the debt ceiling. Spineless thinks he holds all the cards and made some HAH-HAH about how he’s willing to bring Biden a lunch of “soft food.” 

WHAT a complete imbecile. McCarthy’s like a doltish frat boy (redundant, I know) who’s drunkenly fallen on his head three too many times. Son, Biden could fillet and simmer you in a light sauce made from your own interstitial fluids before you could manage to tell him your first human rights assassinating point. Go back to cleaning Jewish Space Laser Greene’s spork toes with your tongue, you toad fucking dimwit.

And some idiot, House Rep. Clay Higgins to be precise, claimed that abortion kills more children annually than guns. Obviously this boy wasn’t paying attention in biology class. You get children AFTER the birth happens—before then you have a collection of cells, an embryo and then a fetus. Also, nice attempt to move the topic away from guns but NO.

Higgins also said:
"There's no such thing as gun violence. There's only human violence. It's intellectually unsound to state otherwise.”
Speaking of intellectually unsound, he’s part of the same damn party who won’t do a motherfucking thing about mental health issues (including his own obvious ones) either.

This shitshow started with Saint Ronnie the Stupid and Callous.
President Reagan never understood mental illness. Like Richard Nixon, he was a product of the Southern California culture that associated psychiatry with Communism. Two months after taking office, Reagan was shot by John Hinckley, a young man with untreated schizophrenia. Two years later, Reagan called Dr. Roger Peele, then director of St. Elizabeths Hospital, where Hinckley was being treated, and tried to arrange to meet with Hinckley, so that Reagan could forgive him. (cool photo op idea man!) Peele tactfully told the president that this was not a good idea. Reagan was also exposed to the consequences of untreated mental illness through the two sons of Roy Miller, his personal tax advisor. Both sons developed schizophrenia; one committed suicide in 1981, and the other killed his mother in 1983. Despite such personal exposure, Reagan never exhibited any interest in the need for research or better treatment for serious mental illness. (source)
Good news though—the tantruming orange idiot has been indicted. His daughter-wife has come out saying that she loves him but….what did you say was this criminal’s name is again? His coke addled son seems to be in hiding and the stupid one (okay, the MORE stupid one) is shunning the spotlight too.

I’ve read that the dictator wannabe will be tried as an adult too!

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