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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Horndog Rabid Weasels

 You know things are radically outta control when, of the two, Madge Trailer Trash comes off as slightly less vile than Lauren New Boobs.

I get it—these two twatzillas are just useful cockroaches exhibitionists. Their job is to suck up all the eyes and ears—we’re too busy laughing at these failed rodeo clowns to see what’s happening behind the curtain.

The more despicable villains are, of course, Tommy Tuberville, Gym Jordan, Ron Johnson, Cancun Cruz…hell's bells, it’s the entire fucking party. When Mitt corporations-are-people-my-friend Romney comes across as a man of the people, you know America is swirling down the stinking gas station toilet bowl.

The Republican Party is, and has been for a very long time, nothing but a pack of Democracy murdering performance artists.

On that note, I’m not one to flog a dying, rabid weasel (no…REALLY!) but what kind of career does Bobo think she’s gonna have now that she’s made an even bigger not-safe-for-work,-children-or-pregnant-women annoying clown of herself? I mean, it’s right there on video—her vaping (in a public theater—not exactly legal), her stroking off her date (in public—again, not legal), her taking pics and vid’s of the performance (waddya know, illegal) and being a rude, argumentative, entitled fuck (not illegal, just incredibly classless and, given her position as a House Rep, stupid). 

Her non-apologies were laughable and having her not yet ex-husband offer excuses? That ex-jailbird, convicted of showing off his wang to teens? Yeah, that’s, like TOTALLY, gonna get her three failed GEDed ass outta the dog house. (Also, I wonder who wrote the mea culpa for him—his attorney or hers?) At this point she’s made herself too banefully ridiculous for even the Fox propaganda channels.

Then this oxygen sucking absurdity says she’ll never date a Democrat again. Huh. What this sounds like to me is her blaming her own caught-on-tape asinine performance on him because...because he’s an evil blue influence that she was too weak to resist? Sure babe.

Also seems like, in Booby’s undeveloped mind, dating a Democrat is a greater sin than being a boorish, lawbreaking, lying, hypocritical and hateful, nimrodian social moron.

Do you know who I am,” she shrieked. We do. Someone ought to clue her in since, obviously, she doesn’t.

An aside—her date. Theoretically, he’s a successful businessman who votes smart and conducts his biz in a sane, welcoming-to-all manner. WHY would he go out with this toxic twatzilla? Was he bored and horny—figured she’d be a relatively cheap, easy one night stand? Why risk your professional reputation over such a useless and vile bit of tripe?

Colorado’s District 3, which New Boobs theoretically represents, has a population of 731,516. She won her last race by a scant 546 votes.

If you’re in her district VOTE HER OUT. You deserve better. We all deserve better. Vote Adam Frisch!

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