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Friday, November 24, 2023


Why is it called Black Friday? If it must be a color, why not call it Orange Friday—orange for the mad Capitalism-Gone-Wild tone of the day?

Orange is the color of insanity.
~ Van Gogh

What is it about social media that brings out the most unevolved and poo-flinging amongst us? Oh yeah, it’s the anonymity, the distance. The person who’s just gone all 13-year-old bullying Nazi fuck on you knows they’re safe from being pounded into a Nazi puke pancake. From behind their screens, they can freely make what they think are devastating, witty slams. They feel nothing but the dopamine rush that ass-brained miscreants get from behaving like barely sentient piles of zombie rat turds.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to unmask these cretinous failures and send them a little real-world payback? Nothing life threatening. Maybe a semi full of ripe cow shit gets dumped on their front door? All their social media accounts are hacked by graphic purveyors of hot pink dildos, ben wa balls and nipple clamps? Their internet connection is severed and can’t be repaired?

Yeah, that’d be a good start. Until that can be done though, I'll just carry on with blockety, block, blocking.

How do you pronounce the title of the head of government in Ireland—Taoiseach? I could watch a You Tube vid except…deaf here. Almost all of the online pronunciations are audio. Makes sense IF you have hearing. What I’ve managed to find looks like Tee-shuck, Tee-shock, Tee-shack and Tayshuh. Perhaps the diction difference is all about where you’re from? Dubliners undoubtedly have a different accent than Galwegians.

Why’s this come up this morning? Apparently a bunch of Dubliners went full metal MAGAt yesterday, rioting in the city center. Really lovely (NOT) to see that the U.S. has succeeded in exporting extreme bigotry and violent assholian behavior.

Ireland's police chief Drew Harris blamed the rioting on a "lunatic, hooligan faction driven by a far-right ideology".

The "extraordinary outbreak of violence" had come after "hateful assumptions" were made based on material circulating online in the wake of the stabbings, he added.

It is understood that included false claims that the attacker was a foreign national.

Sources have indicated to the BBC that the man suspected of carrying out the attack is an Irish citizen in his late 40s who has lived in the country for 20 years.

"These are scenes that we have not seen in decades," said the An Garda Síochána (Irish police force) commissioner.

"What is clear is that people have been radicalised through social media.”
The far right in the Republic of Ireland has grown and become incredibly emboldened, recently holding a protest outside the Irish parliament. (source)

By the by, An Garda Síochána is supposedly pronounced: On GAR-dah Shee-oh-CAHN. You’re welcome.

Why does Elon MusKKK exist?

Why does Cheeto the Cockwomble exist? 

Now that I'm out of yesterday's food coma, I'm just full of questions.

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