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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Words, Comix, Cats, etc.

I did one of those silly online quizzes yesterday. I realize that these are data mining vehicles but sometimes I can’t resist.
The Better Business Bureau, media literacy groups and police departments warn that hackers and scammers are behind many of these social media quizzes, so they can collect, use and profit from the personal information you share. (source)
The quiz I fell for?

Do you talk more like a millennial or a boomer at work?

Mind you, this was in the Washington Post so maybe I’ll just get a bunch of PLEASE SUBSCRIBE spam emails.

Keeping in mind that I’m retired, deaf and only chat live and in person with a few folks (and they're Boomers or Gen X), I got rather improbable results. The upshot is like zo:
43%  Millennial (born between 1977 – 1995)
34% Gen X (1965 – 1976)
14% Gen Z (1996 – 2015)
9% Boomer (1946 – 1964)
So, 77% of my speech patterns are like a person who’s young enough to be my offspring. Why’s zat? Do I need to drop more bits of older slang into my convos? Shit like jive bomber (a good dancer), dreamboat (a wicked handsome dude) or killer diller (adjective meaning amazing or THE best). I mean, I could get into this. When I greet someone I could ask what's buzzin', cousin?

Yeah, I'm hip, I'm hip.

Word for the day:
1. a banquet, feast, or gathering.

Today is, if you’re lucky, a day of joyful convivium. Also, food comas.

2. Biology, Ecology. A population within a species which is isolated geographically and different from others within the same species, usually a subspecies or ecotype. 

Etymology? Wikipedia tells me that convivium comes from Latin convīvium (“a feast”). It’s combo of con- (“together”) + vīvō (“to live”).

Okay then but where does the biology/ecology definition come from? Possibly it’s implied that these isolated, different species are partying like it’s 1999?

I hope you’re at an awesome convivium today. Remember, if your MAGAt Uncle Dick or Auntie Madge starts going off about Cheeto being god incarnate or whatevs, ignore them. If that’s not possible, if they won’t shut the fuck up and no one else is attempting to shut them down, make a scene. Throw ice water in their face(s), thank them for ruining the day with their preening stupidity, gullibility and hate. Then walk out. Go to a restaurant or a pub—get some grub, maybe a nice single malt and then head home or back to the hotel.

Life’s too short to waste it on gobbledygook spewing, off the cob fuckheads.

 Last bit for the day—have you heard of or enjoyed Bob the Angry Flower comix by Stephen Notley yet? In case you haven't, here's one of my favorites. Yur welcome.

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