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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Help for the Hopeless?

Would cult deprogramming work on bigots, misogynists and MAGAts (but I repeat myself)? There’s now an organization, Antidote, which specializes in helping people who’ve been psychologically manipulated—specifically, QAnon types.

Cults like the Unification Church become defined by their leaders. They maintain their power by defining a "right" and "wrong" side of society.

Benscoter said QAnon beliefs function similarly; they thrive and become dangerous through extreme polarization.

"If you're an authoritarian leader, and you want to take over the country, for instance, you can work in a bunch of different areas to create an us-versus-them mentality for a large population," she said. "People will be willing to fight and give their lives, take up weapons if necessary, for the side that you've created."

Consider the U.S. Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021. (source)

Are all MAGAts QAnon adherents? It pretty much looks that way. 

One way that Antidote approaches the prob:

We are building partnerships with “first responders”; school administrators, guidance counselors, mental health professionals, youth program leaders, camp counselors, managers of community centers, youth group leaders, police departments and community organizers.  These partnerships will bring Antidote’s educational programming to key groups, increasing the possibilities for prevention and early intervention (source)
Did you know? There actually is a Trump presidential library. Okay, okay, it’s not a Cheato founded and supported joint. Jesus, the intellectually bankrupt, dementia riddled, pustulant blobfish doesn’t (quite likely CAN'T) read—OF COURSE there’s no official Treason Weasel library. The site's awesome though and there's even a fabola "Grift" Shop! GO, peruse, enjoy. I'll be here when you get back.

Can you imagine any of his spawn bringing a presidential library into existence? Speedball Jr. would have to take a break from hoovering up lines. DaughterWife would need to take time out from snatching up Chinese trademarks. The dimwitted forgettable one? He’s just there to take the fall when the library is revealed as yet another Ponzi scheme. If Demented Diaper Don’s wife is still in the picture, I’m sure she’ll happily handle all the details—HAH, not a chance. Little Miss Who-gives-a-fuck-about-the-Christmas-stuff-and-decorations is undoubtedly busy planning her next visit with Justin Trudeau.

Call it a hunch but I don’t think the fam’s got the inclination, skills or desire to put together a memorial to the old makeup encrusted fart bag. Also, no money. Presidential libraries are built with private buckos donated to non-profit organizations. The Tangerine Twat’s just about tapped out his cult with all his NFTs, garish sneakers, mugshot T-shirts and other cheap-ass, carnival-esque, diarrheal walrus shit.

Ya know what I’d like to see? A sign like the National Debt Clock only, instead, it’s a running display of how much the Cockwombling Con owes the state of New York. The base number is $454 million but that goes up by $87,502 each day until he pays.

I’m eagerly awaiting the day when his properties are seized.

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