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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sleep? Was ist das?

This week the news has been nothing but hell on rocket skates, careening down Mount Fuji.

Warum, you may ask. Here, lemme name a few of the bits fueling that steep jet slide.

Robin Williams ended his stay on the planet after losing the battle against his demons. If that weren’t bad enough, and it’s  très mauvais by the by, the right wing's bizarre, senseless, cruel, empathy devoid reaction was a steaming load of free range rat feces on top of all the pain I'm already feeling.

For example, the head of the Republican party, Rush Limbaugh stated that Williams’ “leftist worldview” played a part in his apparent suicide. Yup, it's all about trashing the left at every, bleeding opportunity for the rights' fav drug addled sex addict.

Then, when he gets a much deserved shitstorm for it, he claims he’s been "misquoted, purposely taken out of context" by the liberal media.

Yeah sure doll, keep saying it and maybe, probably some sucker will buy it.

it seems that it’s now open season on young black men.

There’s the most recent big doings in Ferguson, Missouri where:
Mr. Brown and a friend were walking home from a convenience store when friends and witnesses say they were stopped by an officer for walking in the middle of the street. They say that Mr. Brown’s hands were in the air when the last of several shots was fired.

At Balloon Juice, Soonergrunt drew this comparison:
At the Bundy ranch, white anti-government militia wanna-bes pointed loaded firearms at federal employees and law enforcement officers in the support of a criminal, and nothing happened. 
In Ferguson, MO, a young African American was killed by a police officer for jaywalking, and the city and county police have attacked the mostly African American citizens with baton rounds, tear gas, armored vehicles, and riot gear while threatening them with automatic rifles. 
Where are all the 2nd Amendment open carry zealots to defend people who are actually under attack by an out of control government?
Bob Cesca at The Daily Banter has a good compare and contrast piece with pics — go look.

Ferguson follows unarmed and hands up over his head, John Crawford III’s murder by policeman over a TOY gun. Again, the shills of the right find a way to distract and skew.

Coco does NOT approve
Meanwhile in White America:
A Colorado teen, stopped by the police for toting a loaded shotgun on the streets of Aurora, Colorado where James Holmes killed 12 and wounded seventy in a packed movie theater in 2012, claims he is doing it to make the public feel more “comfortable” around guns.
Lohner then proceeds to argue with the officers, refusing to show them ID or hand over the shotgun insisting he hasn’t committed a crime before being cited by the officer on a misdemeanor obstruction charge for refusing to show his identification
White boy argues with cops and refuses to show ID and gets a mere citation for carrying a LOADED gun in the streets.

Unarmed black kid with a toy gun — murdered by the police.

Oh yeah and then there’s the Crazy White Guy Harasses Protesters, So Obviously a Black Bystander Gets Maced story out of Seattle.

Have we really come very far from Klan days?

Check out John Cole’s pictorial juxtaposition — The Song Remains the Same.

Rocco jets
If all that wasn't enough, there’s the ongoing heinousness in Gaza. All I can say this — read Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station’s post. Here’s a snippet:
Both sides are right.
Both sides are wrong.

Both sides are guilty of atrocities, both sides are aggrieved, both sides are convinced that the other side are terrorists, and both sides are positive they’re justified in their bloody violence.

And Israelis kill Palestinian kids.

And Palestinians kill Israeli kids.
And there’s enough death on both sides to fill a battlefield with dead children and dead husbands and dead wives and dead mothers and dead fathers and dead bystanders of every stripe.

Stress — can't seem to release it so, here have some pretty pics and cats!


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