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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Crazy Cat Lady Returns

I’m back! Miss me?

While I was gone Rocco got into another fight or, more likely, was waylaid by some vile ruffian — a neer do well with nada but mayhem on the mind.

My poor boy! He seems OK and is nowhere near as ragged as he was after the last big battle but I’m, naturally, concerned.

The goons responsible could’ve been those beautiful but bastardly blue jays or maybe one of the local leash-free dogs or perhaps it was the local werewolf? I believe the latter is responsible for the all too early death of our sweet B.O.P.

*sigh* I gotta get Rocco indoors.

While I was gone, our dear sweet sorta, kinda innocent Coco made a daring “escape.” She managed to tear a hole in her front window perch screen and slipped out. The Amazing Bob spied her sly exit and gave chase, catching her as she stopped to sniff a rogue dandelion.

*sigh* She’s such a good bad cat.

Where the hell was I, you might ask? Well, boyhowdy, I’d scored an invite to the Great Jones Family Vacation Extravaganza down at Cheat Lake in West Virginia. Such a great gang of folk but, sadly, there were no cats in attendance. I believe Jenny and Michal were well aware of my tragic state of cat withdrawal — they gave me a coupla awesome early birthday prezzies.


So then, I’ve returned to Feline Central and my Crazy Cat Lady Doormat Throne. Ya know, it just now occurred to me that I should have some slick superhero costume to go with my title. Doesn't feeding and caring for a herd of nutzoid kitties count as a super power? I think it does. Yes I do.

What would my getup look like? Eh, most likely it'd be comprised of an old fluffy and baggy bathrobe, ratty and falling apart slippers and Dr. Seuss PJs. You know, the stunning outfit that I already rock.



  1. How could we possibly carry on without our felines and canines? Upon my return, I was greeted by a 4 legged furry friend who was beside herself with joy --- Mary's boyfriend said that he thought Ruby was having some kind of seizure :-) Good to be home.