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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Zooma, Zooma, Zoom

I'm headed for Cheat Lake, West Virginia later today. Streaming across your brainpan might be this thought: "Pourquoi voulez-vous y aller? Isn't that south of the Mason-Dixon Line? Wouldn't that be, potentially, dicey for a big ol' lefty like you?"
Aw, c'mon! This isn't Deliverance and, also too, I'm not doin' any canoeing or bowhunting. That and I'll be with the fabulous Jones Family — solid stone liberals, the lot of them. Awesome!

Marine Haircut Wookie
Meanwhile, here on the Valhalla front, Helen and family arrived yesterday for a fast visit on their way home to Hoosick Falls from their big, fab-ola vaca in Acadia National Forest. Do ya know how beautiful this is — that Helen can just stop in for a night? It's 99 kinds of magnificent, that's what it is! They relocated to gorgeous upstate New York (from Dallas) on August 7th of last year making me the happiest old broad on the planet. Oh yes, indeedy!

Juda, their Wookie, is here as well which means that:
A) Coco's all weirded out for a few hours until she remembers that the large, temporarily unshaggy beast, is, pretty much, the most peaceful beast on the planet.
B) The Wookie loves Fancy Feast. I know — who doesn't. I swear it must be made of bacon or something. Of course this means that he eats all our delicate princess' food so her and her brekkie must be relocated northward.
C) Dog walking — I do the morning Wookie Walk. You know, I'm not used to this sort of thing. I forget to bring shoes and dookie bags. This morning I was lucky to have my shorts on. Yeah, I'm not really at my most stunning on these six AM salle de bains promenades
D) While Coco does calm down she still needs to let us know that she's less than thrilled about sharing her home with other furries, no matter how tranquillo they may be. This morning I narrowly escaped stepping in, what can only be described, as a levianathan-esque rope of puke. Seriously, had this been a Ridley Scott flick that braid of half digested Beef Feast would have risen up and attacked. Yes, Coco's made her point. I got it.
 I wonder if there'll be any cats or dogs at Cheat Lake. If not, I may possibly go through critter withdrawal.

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