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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Concord Monitor Nails Scott Brown's Climate Science Flip-Floppery

A post from The Green Miles
Climate science supporters often get too caught up in worrying about knowing every scientific detail. All you need to know is climate scientists say man-made carbon pollution is fueling rapidly-accelerating global warming and our politicians not only need to accept that reality, they need to have a plan to deal with it.

If a politician rejects that reality or, like Mitt Romney, accepts science when he's courting moderates but denies science when he's courting big-money polluting donors, he's asking for his leadership to be questioned. The Concord Monitor editorial board simply and directly calls out Scott Brown's climate science cowardace:

When running against Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, Brown said climate change is real and in part driven by human activity. In New Hampshire, when asked if he believed man-made climate change has been scientifically proven, he said “no.” We await his general election position.
Oh! In the face! IN THE FACE.
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AND, if you need a simple source for handy dandy facts and info to take into battle against your lovely but climate change challenged friends, family, pets and other assorted loved ones, please hop over to Mother Jones and check out this awesome, straightforward flow chart.

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