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Monday, September 22, 2014

One Thousand and One

Well waddya know — yesterday morning’s post was my thousandth running off at the mouth. Talking — it’s one of my more finely honed superpowers.

I’m happy as all hell (and, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned previously, Hades is quite the jovial, jumpin’ joint) that I finally caved to Jen’s nagging and began this rant, cat pic and story filled enterprise.

Got a prob? It’s Jen’s fault — she started this.

Today? We’ve broken the ice — we’re at the 1,001 point.

Here, have a pic or three. You're welcome!

This, at left, is a recently finished painting of the scar on my back (sorta) from surgery I had 15-ish years ago to remove a leviathan-esque meningioma that’d  curled up around my spine and set up housekeeping (from the T-1 to the T-4 I believe). I’m inspired by 13th century iconographic shows that I had the happy chance to see, years ago, in Siena and Vienna. Yeah, it’s all filtered through my quasi German expressionist tendencies.

A better shot will be posted on the painting website, A Fine Art Madness, as soon as I get my lazy ass in gear and take the damn site-worthy pic.

What’s next in art-ville? Eh, I’ve a couple of small-ish (24”x36”~) ones that I’m working on now — a portrait of my sadly-gone-WAY-too-soon friend Sean and a figure study. I feel freer, more comfortable with larger canvasses (50”x64” or so is good) so I guess that’s where I’m headed.

I do, however, want to start working smaller. It’s less expensive, easier to sell and takes up less space in our tiny cottage. This requires a major shift for me — I’ve always painted in oils, on a not so inconsiderable scale. I’m thinking watercolor, gouache and crayons on paper. We’ll see.

I need the courage to fail. First attempts at new ventures are rarely fab-city right outta the box. The tippy top of my game rarely, OK NEVER comes at the beginning of my fresh efforts.

And here are Coco and Rocco having a hiss free and threatless Frühstück together.

Ahhhh, Peaceable Kingdom!

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