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Friday, September 19, 2014

It’s Been a Funny Week

Yes, I mean funny/odd(ish) not necessarily funny/ha-ha though there have been a good many laughs.

I met my pals Rick and Julie in Brattleboro on Sunday for a couple of days of art, good food, great convo and general gute Zeiten.

I’d never spent any REAL time with Julie before — met her once, maybe 15 or 20 years ago, when they were in Boston for some reason or other. We’ve been happy Facebook amigas for years though so I suspected we’d get on fine.

And we do. Fabulously, stunningly, she’s someone I’d totes be grand chums with even if Rick weren’t in the pic. Natürlich, I’m very glad that he is since, amongst other stellar reasons,  how the fuck else would I know this awesome babe!?

On Tuesday we voyaged separately back to Valhalla. I needed to stop in to see Doc Plotkin for my decidedly mixed test results. They drove down later and met me at home.

That evening, our mutual high school pal Steve and his prodigiously cool wife Elaine joined us (and master chefs Jen and Oni) for a big fab-ola dinner party. (The Amazing Bob was, sadly, under the weather and couldn't join in the fun) Steve and Rick hadn’t seen one another since high school and neither is on Facebook so this was their first meeting  in almost FOUR decades (*gulp*).

A grand time was had by all (except TAB who was illin’).

On Wednesday morning I had my knee rehab eval, after which, Julie and I’d planned to go to the Museum of Fine Arts. Lunch in Central Square first. As my luck runs. Mary Chung, best Chinese food HANDS DOWN, was closed but Shalimar, with their tremendous luncheon buffet, was open. Huzzah!

Coolness right? Yes indeedy BUT, post lunch, we just weren't up for the big ol' MFA — too tired were we from all we’d been doing for the last four days. Instead we figured we’d hit the MIT museum — I’ve long wanted to go there. We got as far as the gift shop before we accepted the fact that what we both needed most was down time. Possibly a nap!

That night we had a glorious repast of left overs from the previous night’s banquet.

And then came Thursday with the news that friend Dan had checked out of the Life Hotel. Jay-zuz, the news rocked me. I decided to go for a trike ride to clear my mind and body. Great idea, n'est-ce pas?
Woulda been if I’d remembered to use my brakes on that one hill. Yup, I rolled the damn trike AGAIN! I’m rockin’ some road rash, am achey as all hell and have a bit of a headache (STILL but thank Bast for Oni’s constant Wear-Yur-Damn-Helmet nagging — coulda been way worse).

Rough day and it wasn’t even noon yet.

Still and all, we went down to Nantasket for lunch at The Red Parrot, a short beach walk  and time being mesmerized by the peaceful wave action.

And today Rick and Julie head north to visit friends in New Hampshire.

I think I may need a vaca from my vaca. Possibly a day or two of mindless sci fi movies. Maybe I’ll catch the 1:15 Guardians of the Galaxy at the Braintree cinema with the AMAZING seats AND closed captioning.

I’ll probably fall asleep.

and, of course, now I have THIS song in my head:
When Will I See You Again by The Three Degrees.

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