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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hurrah for us still sitting here!

For Dan, Kevin and Sean. For all of us
We try to keep Time linear
By numbering our years,
By celebrating annually
On our rickety web of biers.

“Hurrah for us still sitting here!”
And so we all partake
We give ourselves one more slice —
Paper thin! — of birthday cake.
~ The Amazing Bob
Why am I so damn lucky?
Yeah, yeah sure — I’ve got the nasty-ass, putz-faced, abominable and otherwise vile Nf2. I’m deaf now and have horrifically wonky balance (etc., etc.) BUT I’m alive. Kevin, Sean and Dan are not.

I’m living, breathing, practically effervescing with sparkling buoyancy...and shit.

How is it that I’m so damn lucky?

Dunno but I’ll take it.

I’ve been feeling all kvetch-y since my latest trike roll? Warum? Apart from the road rash and aches, I feel like a dimwitted moran for forgetting to brake on that hill. Sheesh! I went in for knee physical therapy yesterday and the very nice lady told me that I need to be checked by my doc and submit an “OK to rock ‘n’ roll” before I can resume rehab action.

Sigh. Yesterday I was feeling all “Ah, I shouldn’t have even mentioned the roll! I should’ve just gone through with the PT. NOW, I’ll have this stupid unnecessary delay!”

Impatience? Yeah — that’s my middle name.

This morning I’m thinking the lovely PT lady was right. While laying on the floor with Rocco (who’s now coming up INTO the kitchen for brekkie — PROGRESS!!!) I felt a pain, a twinge in my ribs and one in my left cheekbone. Christ, have I cracked a rib and more? Such annoyance.

I don’t have time for aches and pains!

What’s the lesson I need to take from Thursday’s ill fated ride? If I’m going to trike after I’ve gotten unhappy news (in this case — Dan’s death) then I best stick to straight paths. No hills. When my mind’s all preoccupied I seem to forget about that silly yet oh-so-useful invention known as brakes.

If I’m gonna trike the Hebrides (and I AM!) I NEED to be mindful or, at least, less mindless.

Got it, Donna?

Got it.

So then, this morning I’m celebrating Rocco’s increased indoor comfort levels. He hung out up here for awhile after his morning meal AND Coco didn’t attack him either. YEA! I’m lifting my cuppa joe to Gaston who showed up for a meal. Yes, our loud boy, absent all summer, was back this morning and looked fine, fancy and just chockfull of healthfulness. And to Gus who will soon be an indoor boy at Jen and Oni’s.

By the by, Oni’s put his foot down. Gus is the second porch dweller of mine that they’ve adopted — Skitter was the first. He says “No more.” He was quite firm about that. Maybe.

Perhaps I’ll go for a wee ride later. Just an incline-free route. I promise.
“Hurrah for us still sitting here!”
And so we all partake
We give ourselves one more slice —
Paper thin! — of birthday cake.

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