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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jumping to Light Speed

It’s a beautifully misty, grey, warm-ish (for November in New England anyway) drizzley morning. I’m eager to get out on the road with my new ultra fab trike — my mellow yellow e² — but mebbe I should wait for the rain to let up a bit.

Grand Master Oni Bike-Fixing Flash is still working out some bugs BUT I’ve been able to take it out for a few rides and it is the most glorious beast on the road! The turning radius is a lot tighter than the Mobo’s — more like a motorcycle’s than an 18-wheeler. The steering’s a ton more responsive in general as are the brakes. The seat angle is farther back — more recumbent-y — which makes it a shade more difficult to check behind me for cars. The Amazing Bob bought me a bike rear view mirror. Not sure how we’ll mount that given that it’s set up for a regular bike BUT we’ll figure it out.

Adjusting to the differences will take time and I NEED to be patient about this lest I roll this  magnificent babe. I’m kind of tired of trike rolls. Ya know, been there/done that/don’t need to revisit OR buy a postcard.

Han didn’t learn how to fly the Millennium Falcon in a day. If he can give himself time and space to learn, boyhowdy, so can I! Maybe I'll take one of those nifty spinning classes so that I can continue to train for my Hebredean adventures even when there's snow and ice everywhere I turn.


  1. ooooh, snazzy ride you got there. I can't wait to see it (and you) in action. If the mirror doesn't work, get one that attaches to your helmet. That might make it easier to aim too, since you're at a low angle on that thing.