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Friday, March 6, 2015

Day Three

Frozen Charles River w/Kenmore Sq.
MIT just over the iced river
Chemo—infusion day three was yesterday. It was a long grey, chill day BUT we had the chemo cubby with the best view and BONUS, no blizzard! One thing I’ve learned, after two sessions, is that I need to get up and walk around more, do some stretching. It’s too easy to just sit, surfing the web or reading, in the chair next to my Amazing Bob. He’s AOK if I absent myself for 45 minutes during the six hours he’s hooked up and in.

Yesterday I did a lap of all MGH’s first floor accessible hallways—from Yawkey through the new Lunder Building, to White, Gray/Bigelow, Blake, Founders, Ellison, Wang, Blake, Warren and back. Sounds big but there’s a lot of no fly zones. Walking fast, playing dodge-em in the crowded hallways, it doesn’t take more than 45 minutes. I know, I know, I could've done a seond lap. Zzzzzzzz.

TAB’s next session is in three weeks. Maybe by that time enough snow will have melted and I can walk up, over and around Beacon Hill.

I just discovered there’s a television with DVD player in each cubby. I thought these were computers for the fab nurses. No. I asked TAB if he’d like to watch a movie next time—there’s certainly enough hours. No, his concentration’s not there while he’s being infused. I totes get it. Mine’s crap too. Here’s one thing that might lighten the day, make it a little less heavy—baseball! I’ll find recordings of old games for him the watch. I think he’d love that. Baseball, like painting for me, captures and consumes his mind.

Ya know, if I could draw and paint on the walls there in the chemo ward, the day would be a lot easier for me too. I wonder if I could interest them in some koi?

So then, three down, three to go. We're halfway there. OK, almost halfway. TAB's still got to have the post chemo Neulasta shot AND we have to see if his dicky ticker is happier about everything now that the good docs have made a slight med change (in an effort to head off another drastically unhappy attack-ack-ack).

Fingers and everything else crossed.

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