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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Impossible Crankitude

Oni's G&T
Jen's sauvignon blanc
When Jen arrived home from work, here to Valhalla Central, Oni was cookin' up their evening repast The Amazing Bob was watching the news and yours truly was doing the dishes, cleaning up after our din-din. Sounds positively Rockwellian, don't it?

Except, except, we were all lost in the high Crankies. Warum? Eh, work crap, nasty-ass homeward bound traffic, the fact that today is Chemo Infusion Day Four, home repair headaches and, did I mention this yet? Chemo.

TAB, Jen and I leave in a half hour for another long day at our home away from home, MGH. We'll start with labs and a meeting with his oncologist. We'll likely get the results of Monday's Beach Boy Scan plus I'll quiz Doc Abramson as to why TAB's mega tired, much more so than before, AND what's up with the poor appetite. They gotta fix this!

'scuse me, I gotta go slop our herd of cat, pack a bag, wake TAB and get dressed.

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