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Thursday, March 26, 2015


We saw The Amazing Bob's cancer dude, Doc Abramson, a little while ago and got the word on his PET scan results. Boyhowdy and lemmejusttellyou, progress is happening! The cancer is responding beautifully to the chemo drugs. It's shrinky dinky-ing. It's going bye-bye. Hitting the damn road! My man's turned the corner on this stupid, no good, fucking, asshole disease and the future's looking klieg light bright!


I'm doing the extended form happy dance which, by the by--just in case you've not witnessed this spectacle live and in person--can be a bit annoying. I'll attempt to tone it the fuck down. Yeah, good luck to me with that.

Also too, the doc assured me that TAB's two pound loss over the last three weeks is nothing to get my panties in a twist over AND his low energy is par for the course. Once this chemo-athon is over (first week of May) he'll begin feeling like his old, pre-lymphoma, gorgeous self again.

My beloved TAB is now infusing (AND eating lunch! Such a talent his is!)--my mind is resting a whole shitload easier.


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