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Monday, March 9, 2015

Way Ahead of Her Time

Jen's brother Dan, in a note to a friend, mentioned this about Aunt Pat:
Another thing that always amazed me about Aunt Pat was how tech savvy she was.  She always kept up with the latest Windows computer operating system and was a devoted user of Photoshop to edit digital photos.  She’d print off the technical manuals and would read them in their entirety, sticking literally dozens and dozens of Post-It notes throughout the manuals, each with notes to herself about particular technical elements.  She’d regularly read online Photoshop forums and report her marvel at the skills and expertise of others.

Aunt Pat was a real pioneer. Early in her career she worked for IBM, in Germany. Almost certainly one of very few women in the industry back in the early days of computing.

Our small company McBassi puts out a monthly email newsletter.  It goes to a couple thousand subscribers, and some months she was the only person to comment on the newsletter, always with a positive comment like “Love it!  Right on the ball as always!” – which was her comment about the latest, January 2015, newsletter.

Aunt Pat—smart, beautiful, deeply empathetic, engaged, thoughtful and not afraid to go where few woman had gone before. She was amazing and a brill example to all.

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