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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bangalore Torpedo

Rapunzel Xanax
Magnolia Mongolia
Peacock St. Clam
...and other great nom de guerre/plume/theatres, band names, secret agent handles and/or witness protection aliases.

For some odd reason the Bangalore Torpedo came up in conversation mit meinem Vati on Friday. What were we talking about? Got me hangin'. Given that our convos are often heavily salted with random surreal references and other big time asides, this was totes the norm.

The tag Bangalore Torpedo sent me off the rails.

Jesus Pop, that’d be a great stage name! Let’s come up with more!
And we did.

Clive of India
Cassandra of Troy
Scipio Africa
Magnolia Mongolia
Wisteria Head-Wound
Rabbit St. Croix
Dragon Fender-Bass
Filbert Torquemada
Dahlia Rhubarb and her sister Ruthenia
Peacock St. Clam
Egret Pianissimo
Philadelphia Shirtsleeve
Trick Van Krick
Tranquil Haight
Ruby Berlin
and, of course,
Rapunzal Xanax
Character back stories are already foaming up in that tumultuous, swirling sea of a brain 'o' mine.


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