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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nice Things

I HATE to argue. Absolutely abhor it. Warum? No matter the age, in an argument, people can and often do sink to kindergarten spat levels and other boorish, rude, offensive lows.

Here’s how to make sure that I don’t listen to your impassioned arguments, reasons, claims and strongly held beliefs on any given topic.

Condescend to me. Say something along the lines of “Oh Donna, I thought you were smarter than that” or “Oh Donna, you know better than that.”

Right there, precisely there, you’ve lost any chance whatsoever that I might consider your stand or, for that matter, listen to another thing you say on that or, quite possibly, anything else. Insult my intelligence, set yourself up as being ever so much more gooder and better than me and I’m gone. You may well be mega brill+ BUT, if you’ve included high horse-ish, demeaning condescension in your opening salvos, I’m outta there. Buh bye.

You’ve also shot a big gaping hole in your political, religious, dietary, medical or whatev’s movement. As a representative, official or not, of the group whose beliefs you’re expounding, you’ve disparaged me and that shit don’t fly.

As a friend, as a fellow sentient being on the planet, I’m assuredly open to discussion, to hearing your POV. We may not agree BUT as Michal the Balm of Idaho says, and I’m paraphrasing, if we share ideas, knowledge, beliefs, facts then we are both more informed and better off.

Discussion yes. Argument no. If your idea of discussion is to play morally superior gladiator, talking down to me as though I'm a dimwitted child, well have at it. Please remember though, as with sex, coversation's more fun when you've a partner.

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Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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