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Monday, April 27, 2015

Death and Taxes

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.
~Benjamin Franklin
According to a Citizens for Tax Justice, (advocates for tax fairness), study which analyzed analyzed 2008-2012 federal income tax filings of 288 Fortune 500 companies:
CTJ found that 111 of the companies spent at least one year of the five paying zero or less in effective federal taxes. Twenty-six companies effectively paid "less than zero" taxes over that entire time because of massive tax breaks, according to the report.
Feel like having a bit of outrage with your brekkie and/or mid day repast? Go to this link and read the report.

Guess what! It’s not just big corporations who’re workin’ the system and screwing the middle class.
If you are in shock about what you owe the government this spring, consider this—for thousands of high-income Americans, that amount is $0. A report from the IRS last May shows that more people who earn above $200,000 a year are paying no federal taxes.
And then there’s that whole death thing.
Coco sans favored lap

Rocco wants to know if it's nap time yet
Dick (Darth) Cheney asked for and received five draft deferments during Viet Nam—you know, that very  same crazy-ass war that my Amazing Bob had to go fight.
"I had other priorities in the '60s than military service."
Right, of course and TAB and the 58,220 soldiers who died had nothing better to do than fight Nixon's war. Got'cha.

Cheney also managed to elude Big Daddy Death after his heart attack-ack-ack action. Thanks to modern medical wonderments Darth has beat the reaper three times so far. Good for him. Too bad he and his fellow "right" wingers don't feel that all Americans deserve awesome health care and peace.

Death and taxes—not so assured if you’ve got bucks and connections. Good to know.

Here are two things that TAB and I KNOW that we can count on, here in our modest cottage by the sea:
1) If TAB sits in his big chair, Coco will quickly find her way onto his lap.
2) If I crawl into bed to read, Rocco will be at my side.

One more—the tide. No matter how far out it goes, it always comes home.

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