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Thursday, April 23, 2015

We've Hit An Iceberg

Thelma providing solace...and wine.
How did I survive before email, the Adobe Acrobat Creative Suite and the intertoobz?

I know, I know. There was snail mail and I could make full, frequent use Mister Bell's loathed and loved invention. There were Rapidograph drawings on paper, art boards with rubylith, darkrooms versus Photoshop and bicycle couriers zooming from office to office.

I rely on my damn computer so much and, these last coupla days, it seems to be sadly, persistently, annoyingly under the weather. It's not cooperating nicely and I'm pissed. Big time.

Yep, that makes sense—being angry with inanimate objects. SURE it does.

It may be time, past time even, to upgrade my apps and buy a Mac laptop that I can tote to the local wifi happy coffee shop when next the home version spurns me.

Any advice on where and what to buy laptop-wise? I need something sturdy and design app friendly of course.

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