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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Allow Me To Rephrase

Chemo Day 1 with Laurieann
Coco is not amused by my linguistic pratfalls
Today is The Mega Amazing Bob's last day OF CHEMO, NOT his last day on this good green Earth. Many apologies for the scare that I gave so many friends and fam with the title of that last post! I was def not attempting to be all drama mama-y nor was I throwing out click bait-y excrement (like certain weather websites *cough*) NOR was I engaging in my usual promiscuous hyperbole. Nope, I wasn't quite awake and groovy yet, was trying to slop and cosset our herd of cat and get my own self dressed for our drive into THE LAST DAY OF CHEMO.


TAB's awesome nurse practitioner says all his vitals are gorgeous. Of course they are—he wouldn't have it any other way!

They'll cut us loose around five today. We'll return in a month for scans, plans and other random health bits. The folks here are fabulous but I'll be happy as all Hell not to see them so damn often.

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