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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Daddy's Sage Advice

I'll just sit here morosely until you return
Bring me home some treats if you're gonna abandon me
I never ever want to go out at night. Never have. Not even in my sparkling, long ago youth. Once home, post work or whatevs, I’m just too damn comfy to leave. I become the poster child for The Tragedy of Inertia.

One night, billions of eons ago, Daddy and I were squawking on the talk box—he asked what I had planned for the evening. I allowed that catching a band at The Middle East with some buds was on tap BUT I was thinking of just staying home instead. Why, why WHY, he asked. Eh, I’m comfortable and yada, yada, whine, blather, kvetch. He told me to get off my lazy ass and go because I’d have a ton ‘o’ fun and be glad I did. Daddy said that he was the same way—hated going out but always happy that he had.

He was right. Daddy often is.
In any case, last night I defied the guilt laser beams from the tuxes, my fear of night driving and conquered my ever percolating separation anxiety. I have The Amazing Bob, Jen, Oni AND wine here at home—can I stand to be away from them? What if TAB needs something or Jen feels like talking or Oni hasn’t been annoyed enough by my chatter yet? And then there’s that damn ocean—will the tide come back in if I’m not here to greet it?

Yes, getting up and out was, in fact, a steep road but I made it. Yea me.
 I just love seeing my pal Stan—I don’t see enough of him. I’m wild about Mary Chung’s restaurant and I don’t get there enough. The street life of Central Square, Cambridge can’t be beat (not here in Boston anyway). It’s vibrant, the people are interesting, the area's packed with great restaurants, there's a totally fab used bookstore, TWO art supply shops, a wonderful hippy/groovy grocer and the best damn club in town—The Middle East. What's not to love?

Unsurprisingly, It took me a full 45 minutes to find a parking spot. The parking gods weren’t too keen on me. Stan, on the other hand, lucked out and got a space RIGHT OUT FRONT of the restaurant. I allowed that I hated him. And yes, I should’ve just taken the damn Red Line in. I will next time.

Point of the story? I was once again reminded of Daddy’s long ago advice. While it’s hard to leave the grand comfort of home, to stay up past my usual mega early bed time, I always have a great time when I venture out. Gotta remember that.

My cousin Della and her daughter Maya will be visiting (from Berlin!) next week. I’m thinking we should take a day/evening in Cambridge. Maybe we could even catch an All Ages show!

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