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Friday, May 1, 2015

I've Got a Feeling

I've got a feeling, a feeling deep inside
Oh yeah, oh yeah, that's right
I've got a feeling that keeps me on my toes
Oh yeah
Everybody had a hard year
Everybody had a good time
Everybody had a wet dream
Everybody saw the sunshine
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

It's Friday. FRIIIIIIIIIIDAY! I've a shit-ton of work on my plate for today (but I do enjoy the layout/design stuff), a zillion errands and then...THEN...Stan and I are meeting for din din at Mary Chung's. MMMMMMMMMMM!


I've Got a Feeling—The Beatles


  1. Save me some dan-dan noodles. Still the best in the city.

    1. Hah! They'll be mine, ALL MINE!!!