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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pacific Beach Envy

So, Jen and Oni arroved, safe and sound, in San Diego yesterday afternoon. Dunno where, specifically, they’re staying but, for now, it’s in the Pacific Beach area.

Pacific Beach, by the by, is where TBogg (fav blogger) and his bassets live. I’ve told Jen that, should she come across a man walking two large yet short, jowly beasts, she should go up, introduce herself and tell him that Donna says hi. Do I know TBogg? ‘Course not—I’m just a friendly sort.

Taking a surfing lessons might be fun. I wonder if they'll do that. OK, yet again, I’m thinking of what I’d like to do. They could mebbe take a class though so I could vaca vicariously—right?

Yes, I’m a bit of a self centered, presumptuous twat. Having confessed to that, here're some more potentially way fun ideas (and yes, pushy broad that I am, I've emailed them to Jen already).

There’s the Hidden Art Tour—man that looks cool!

People watching on the Mission Beach Boardwalk’d be a gas, eh?

I’d go spotting Red Tailed Hawks and quails at Torrey Pines Reserve.

I’d hit the Museum of Contemporary Art—the Sculpture Garden looks utterly fab! Also, I'd like to see Nicole Eisenman's paintings up close and in person. I’ve long been told that my paintings would be more appreciated in California. Too bad my neurology pit crew is here. I guess.

I hear tell, so to speak, that there are folks who take vacas and do nothing. They might fly to someplace new and different BUT, once there,  they sleep on the beach, read their email in a new, different, quirky coffeeshop or read cheesy novels while surrounded by mountains and forests primeval (ya know, on the wildly off chance that a beach isn't available).

Me? Not so much. Warum? I have a hard time sitting still especially in a new place. I want to explore, see what there is to see, do stuff that can't be done at home, meet a lot of new folk….and shit.

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