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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday West Coast Blogging

Jen sent me more pics from her and Oni's ongoing, awesome Southern Cal adventure. No, she was not rubbing it in that she's on a cool vaca and, sadly, I'm not. She's not like that. HONEST! She was helping me to have a mental, vicarious holiday. Wickedly thoughtful of her, n'est ce pas?

So here, take a little trip with me.
Encinitas? This looks like an early, intro scene in Beach Party, no?
Despite the big white poofy dress, this seems to be a most cazh wedding. Note the, conceivably, nekkid dude at left.


Two things we need in front of our lovely Valhalla home: a desiccated, zombie mermaid and a bench made out of a surfboard.

Oh yes, yezzzz—it's what we need.
What are these? Anyone know?

They're gorgeous—WANT.
OK, this is just flat out awesome. I think, when I grow up, I want to stack rocks at the mouths of caves.
Beautiful! Maybe Valhalla needs some cliffs too, eh? Jen, if you're reading this instead of staring out at the gorgeous surf, please bring home a cliff or two.


For the moment though, stop reading and go snap more pics of cool shit for me. NOW, young lady!

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