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Monday, June 15, 2015

Tux vs. Tux

Coco’s absolutely full of beans lately. I expect the warm weather with all the windows being open is the cause. She zooms from one end of our wee cottage to the other (doesn’t take long) and then indicates that she would like The Amazing Bob or I to open the front door so she can have a different, fresh view on the porch doings.

There may be birdies out there chowing down at the bowl we leave for Ghost Cat. Our phantom feline could, possibly, be out there. Skunks! There might be skunks! Conceivably we've, once again, been overrun by a gang of marauding raccoons! A lot of excitement out there.

TAB opened the door for our sweet warrior princess and there, on the other side of the storm door was, incredibly, another tux with almost identical patterning as our girl AND Rocco too. Was it our boy? Had he somehow gotten out? Nope, he was upstairs, safely tucked into bed. Coco and this new formally dressed warrior beastie squared off and started doing the banshee business big and loud. Sadly, I missed all the excitement. Just as well, I suppose.

Since then, while at home or off triking, I’ve kept an eye out. If I spot this new tux, will I be able to lure him/her back to Bob and Donna’s Famous Valhalla Diner? Will we have a third tux inna house by next winter?

Spectacularly unlikely. Coco, Rocco and TAB will, most def, put all 10 feet down.

Oh well. A crazy cat lady can dream. Eh?

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