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Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Life in the Bush of Randomness

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts LOVED that album! I can’t bring it into clear, crisp focus in my aural memory but, given the dense weave of the music and found object vocals, that doesn’t come as any surprise.
OK, this is/was utterly bizarro-world:
Dallas shooter was a conspiracy theorist who threatened to shoot up schools and churche
A man who identified himself as James Boulware, 35, was reportedly shot and killed by police this morning after launching an attack on police headquarters from a heavily armored van — described by its manufacturer as a “Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle and Troop Transport” — firing on police cruisers and leaving bombs in the parking lot.
A Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle? Yes. Really. Honest.
“The suspect has told our negotiators that we took his child and we accused him of being a terrorist and that he’s going to blow us up,” Dallas Police Department Chief David Brown said.
The child, (a real one—not imaginary!) was reportedly removed from his ex-wife’s home because she’s in the pokey. He’s violently insane and she’s an incarcerated drug addict. Yeah, they seem nice.

By the by, they BOTH lost custody of the child two years ago. This was not a recent deal.

This dude had to be eleventythousand kinds of nuts BUT the crazies don’t get taken out of the general population anymore.  Unless, of course, they’re put in prison or killed when they finally go full metal, violent Mad Hatters.

Sure, that makes sense. Take someone who’s fuori di testa, maybe violently so, and put them in a brutal prison environment where their crazy won’t be addressed but exacerbated, amped up.

We can thank Reagan for this colossal load of short sighted, coldhearted and braindeaded stupidity.
Regarding Rachel Dolezal,  Spokane's NAACP president who, as it turns out, is not African American…

Yes, it’s odd, unfortunate and WTF that Ms. Dolezal's chosen to misrepresent her heritage so profoundly. Not unheard of, (see Sherman Alexie’s tweets), certainly.
Lawrence and Ruthanne Dolezal, a Christian couple who adopted four young children — two of whom are black — while Rachel was a teenager, said her decision to misrepresent her racial background, if that’s what she’s doing, may be related to her family and social justice work.

“The adoption of the children definitely fueled her interest as a teenager in being involved with people of color,” Ruthanne Dolezal said. “We’ve always had friends of different ethnicities. It was a natural thing for her.”
Why did Dolezal's parents decide to out their daughter? What's their motivation?

Apparently the right wing blog/tweet-o-sphere’s gone all in on bad joke city, comparing Dolezal to Jenner. Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog has a great column up about all this. Go read—it’s tremendous. Also too, I agree with his take completely.
AND Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station tweets about that sanctimonious and hypocritical pile of Jesus abusing snail feces, Mike Huckabee.

Some days I should just avoid the news and, instead, take my coffee down to the water and stare at the dawn.

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