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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

At Loose Ends in the Bookstore AGAIN!

Funny concept but no. Just no.
Shakespeare for those who can't handle Cliff Notes
Thousands of books in my local Barnes & Nobel yet not one of em looked like just what I needed today.

“What might that be, Donna?”

Well, I just finished Martin Millar’s Goddess of Buttercup and Daisies (MEGA brill!) and Bast only knows when he’ll come out with his next novel. It might be MONTHS! *sob*

Sherman Alexie’s not been tweeting much at all lately and I can’t find anything online about pub dates of next novel. *sniff*

Neal Stephenson’s got a new book out, Seveneves, and rumor has it he’s back to his former, dazzling Snow Crash form. I couldn’t get into his other books but I’d DEF pick up another Snow Crash-ish tome. Sadly, this new one’s only in expensive hard cover at this point. Gotta wait.

And what the hell is Charlaine Harris up to since she ended the Sookie Stackhouse series? She's exactly what I need right now—the literary equivalent of a bag of buttered movie popcorn. I looked on her blog and found a brief snippet of a review of one of Laurell Hamilton’s sex romps…I mean Vampire/Necromancer crime thrillers.
It will please readers who prefer the first few Anita Blake books to know that there are fewer sex scenes in Dead Ice, though there’s a lot of discussion about who to add to Anita’s bedroom scene to achieve a balance of power.
Sounded depresing But LOVE the cover art!
 Hah, looks like I’m not the only one who quit reading Hamilton due to the stories becoming 70% S&M sex scenes and 20% crime solving (that stray 10% is all the extra-tedious, bonus, extraneous exposition). No sign of a new series by Harris though and it doesn't sound like Hamilton's new one is back to being more about supernatural crime solving and less about Anita Blake's sex partnering. I'll take a pass.

There’s always a whole raft of fresh zombie books out (WHEN will this fashion fade?!). Recently spotted: Alice in Zombieland. Fun concept, I guess, but zombies just don't do it for me.

John Scalzi—where’s the paperback versions of Lock In, hmmmmm, and will there be another installment in the Old Man's War series?

I recently, actually made an effort to read a non-Sci Fi, non-surreal world, non-absurdest book—Steve Hely’s How I Became a Famous Novelist. I know—it’s supposed to be satire. I know—the protagonist isn’t supposed to be admirable but, ya know, I didn’t like him at all! I didn’t give a good (or even a bad) fuck about what happened to him. I should care, even just a little bit, in order to spend time reading his damn story, don’cha think?

What’s a girl who enjoys tales of the supernatural mashed with adventure and/or hard boiled detective work (preferably with a strong chick protagonist) and stories of gods behaving badly to do? Honestly.

By the by, Gods Behaving Badly is a fabola read by Marie Phillips. She’s got an interesting looking, new one out, The Table of Less Valued Knights, but I’ve not seen the paperback in stores around here yet *sigh*

I just picked up the Tim Dorsey yarn, Tango (in the discount bins—yea!). His stuff's the literary equivalent of doing shots while eating movie theater popcorn. It'll hold me over until I can find something/one new OR just start rereading all my old Millars, Scalzis, Alexies, Phillips' and Stephensons until their new paperbacks come out.


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