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Thursday, July 16, 2015


I have PTWS.

What is that? Why, it's Post Traumatic Winter Syndrome. Of course.

What are the symptoms?
  • I still have a quilt on the bed
  • As I come downstairs in the early morning, I happily, contentedly gaze out the windows at all the brill sun dappled leaves. For a brief, scarifying moment though, an image of those boughs, naked and weighted down with piles of snow, lays over top the reality of all that magnificent dark green, full foliage. The horror, the horror!
My body's thermostat hasn't, as yet, adjusted to the warm, nae—blazing—weather.
  • I set out for a long trike ride only to turn around after 30 minutes because, dammit, 80 degree heat is just too blindingly boiling and I simply can't pedal in this shit.
  • And then there's the extreme movie house air conditioning. It's 90 degrees outside but, in that darkened cinema palace, I'm frozen. I'm hugging myself in vain attempts to retain heat. Invariably, I've neglected to bring a hoodie. Why? It's positively igneous out in the parking lot, dammit!
I've forgotten how to do summer.

It seems ridiculously appropriate that the last 'snow farm' in town, Boston, has finally, completely melted. Go to that link. Check out the before melt-age and after shots. Maybe my PTWS will make more sense then.

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