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Saturday, August 22, 2015

It's Caturday!

Kitten in Window, A
Rocco atop the duvet
Coco made an unusual, surprise appearance in our bedroom yesterday, Since Rocco moved in and claimed our sleep chamber as his own, she sneeringly avoids the joint like Starbucks eschewing hipsters.


In particular, within our bedroom, Rocco is most partial to our big, doorless closet. That is, he’s made our linen and blanket shelf his bed and, way in the deep cupboard recesses, is his Greta Garbo space. When I feel all crowded and penned in by the world, I need Garbo digs too. Don’t we all?

Coco’s Garbo space is in TAB’s study. She sacks out on the back of his big stuffed, black desk chair, blends in and, essentially, vanishes.

I worry when the kittens make themselves scarce—have they gotten out?! I hunt around until I find their hidey holes. and then, with mind at ease, I leave them to enjoy their peaceful seclusion. See? I can SO be respectful of personal space!

Getting back to Coco’s rack room entrée—she planted herself, in full meatloaf kata, in front of the open closet, right in front of our boy’s linen shelf bed. Rocco, however, was back in his Garbo space. Was he hiding from her? Coco can get fairly ferocious. Yes, yes she can.

Coco in her new bed box
Kitten in Window, B
I asked TAB, Is she growling? Is she here to intimidate our poor boy?
No, he says, she’s just sitting there.

It was then that he explained THUNDER. Ah. Would they, left to their own devices, no-pressure-here, end up cozied up together in Rocco’s Garbo space? Maybe she was waiting for him to come out so they could have a kvetch session about the weather, their lazy servant (moi) who was late with the brekkie that morning and the recent, inferior quality of the treats.

No, it was not to be. Either the thunder passed or she just got sick of waiting for Rocco to emerge. Our princess went off to her own special hideout in TAB’s study.

One of these days, they’ll be friends. I’m certain of it! Kind of.
Songs that my tuxes will probably never sing to eachother:
Best FriedHarry Nilsson
Best FriendQueen
You've Got A FriendCarole King 
Lean on MeBill Withers
Thank You for Being a FriendAndrew Gold

Just FYI and all.

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