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Friday, August 7, 2015

Why I Hate the T

That’s the MBTA. Public transportation. I do need to clarify. It’s fine, fine, fine during off, non-rush hours. Bast help you if you’re trying to get home at 5 PM and you’re not in picture perfect shape.

With Bix most unexpectedly in the Car Hospital, I was unable to score a last minute lift home to Valhalla from MGH after Bob’s ‘shot’ yesterday

at least the view from the ward was pretty
About that so called shot—docs and nurses were VERY clear and definite that he was not getting more chemo—that he's done and cancer free (YEA!). Still, the two bags of meds, booster goodies, that needed to drain into his veins were administered in the chemo infusion department. Yes, that set our nerves on edge. This was most def NOT a quickie ‘shot.’

We didn’t get outta there until close to five and figured:
a) The T would be faster than a cab crawling through tunnel traffic on 93 South (it was).
b) The T would cost significantly less than the $75 price that the cab company quoted (we paid $4.20 for both us which included the bus transfer).
What we didn’t remember:
a) How astoundingly crammed the trains are at that time of day. Honestly, I was half expecting the infamous Japanese train packers to appear. For reals—it was a scene out of a Tokyo Metro station with folks half in/half out the doors, attempting to squeeze themselves in.
b) The obliviousness of all of our fellow passengers.
 We had no choice but to stand from Charles to Park Street stations. Park is the most central station. Red, Green, Blue and Orange lines all intersect there. This means loads of folks exited but, AT THE VERY SAME TIME hordes of sweating, tired riders were trying to board. A madhouse.
Ya know folks, if you don’t let people off, there won’t be room for you to get on. Do you understand the logic of that or shall I draw you a pic?
Does anyone listen to me? NOPE!

So there’s that bit of obliviousity plus—despite there being signs everywhere that people should give up seats for the elderly and infirm, do you think they do? Rarely, mon ami, rarely. I ended up ask/telling a young healthy looking woman to get up so The Amazing Bob could sit (pre-boardning I made him take off his ballcap so folks could see his white hair. Yes, I was workin' it). The twenty-something got up but her Millenial neighbor did not. Fine, fine. I could stand for the 45 minutes ride. If I got faint and wobbly, well boyhowdy, there wasn’t a chance in Hades I’d fall to the floor—there wasn’t an inch of space between all the bodies.

So then, if TAB and I are EVER stuck at MGH without a ride home again, we WILL take a cab. Most def we will!

I’m wondering—why can’t more trains run during rush? It’s clear there’s a need. This is mid August when half the city’s away on vaca. Imagine what it’s like in September.

No, no, I think I won’t, thanks.

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