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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Caturday Once Again

Coco at rest
This week in News of the Herd:

Coco does NOT like the new line of Fancy Feast with cheese and garden greens (!). No she most def does not. I thought that, perhaps it was because it had a cake like consistency versus the minced or sliced varieties.  That may well be it BUT Rocco, who’s always been just fine with this “classic” style doesn’t care for it either. He'll choke down a few mouthfuls but he's made it clear that it's not his preferred meal. Hmmph.

Could be the cheese but who doesn’t like cheese, fer Bast’s sake!?

Obvs I feel guilty and a little concerned. Cats want so little from us—just some decent food and a few pats. Fret, fret, fret. Yes, they'll have tuna for lunch to make up for the, clearly, execrable victuals.

With the snow storm, I’ve been putting out more food than usual for our porch visitors, Ghost Cat, Ignatz and Fritz. Our guest list now seems to include more than just denizens of the cat kingdom. Late yesterday, shortly after I put out a big bowl of kibble, I discovered a whole mess of delicate sparrow footprints in the fresh snow.

Who knew? Birds like cat food.
Rocco impersonating an after dinner mint
Skunks too apparently. The Amazing Bob and Coco recently spotted a young one, barely an adolescent, chowing down. Poor thing. I wonder where his parents were. Maybe he just snuck outta their house for big adventure?

Skitter likes to sit at Jen and Oni’s back door while Coco perches in our front window, both enjoying the hell out of our parade of wild callers. Another reason to put the food out is so they have Cat TV

Where’s Thelma? The old girl’s, doubtless, napping on Jen or Oni’s shoulder—her fav siesta locale.

What about Sergeant Rocco? In bed—ours or his—contemplating the mysteries of life (of course).  His new thing is this—when I come to bed, Rocco immediately leaps from his closet sanctuary and races over to join me. It doesn't matter if TAB's in his way. Rocco, who's not fat but very dense, gallops over top TAB's unlucky head to land at my side.

I know, I know—my poor abused Hunny Pie! BUT I am so damn grateful that our fierce former feral decided to drop the misanthropy and come indoors.

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