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Saturday, February 13, 2016

In the News

The headline: Quincy woman found sitting naked
A Quincy woman was reportedly arrested Thursday morning after she was found naked at a New Hampshire Welcome Center performing lewd acts.
I just want to point out here that this was not me. Having said that, don’t lewd acts in front of a roaring fire sound cozy? Also, fer Bast’s sake—it was a Welcome Center—what could be more welcoming?

The headline: 80 Year Old Senior Citizen/Marijuana Kingpin To Receive Sentencing This Week
Marshal Dion, an 80-year-old marijuana kingpin, is set to receive his sentence this week for his decades-log-involvement with what has turned out to be a massive marijuana distribution network.
Ah but the poor dude's sentencing's been delayed:
US District Court Judge Denise Casper did not accept the plea agreement with federal prosecutors, under which Dion would have served five to seven years in federal prison, saying that sentencing guidelines call for a sentence of 360 months, or 30 years. Casper asked attorneys for both sides to file written arguments by Feb. 26 explaining why she should sentence Dion to less. The sentencing was rescheduled for March 10.
Jeez, this is a successful, respectable business man. He’s jobs creator. And WHY should Judge Casper sentence him to less time? It's motherfucking obvs! Dion's fucking 80 years old, nonviolent AND this is weed not meth or junk we're talkin' about!!!!

It's legal now, even just for fun times in:

And legal here for medicinal use:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island

And, did I mention, he’s nonviolent AND 80 fer fuck’s sake! Total waste of taxpayer money.

In gun news—it seems that shooting deaths, killings, only make the BIG news lately when 10 or more people have been murdered OR when a child is involved.

Last Sunday, on February 7th:
In Orlando, Florida:
Police have not determined whether Brull-Lopez was one of three gunmen who fired into the crowd of 300 party goers just before 1 a.m., killing two and injuring nine others. He is the only person arrested in the case so far.
In Pass Christian, Mississippi:
A crowd stands behind police tape as a body is removed from the scene after a shooting on Davis Avenue after the St. Paul Carnival Association Mardi Gras parade on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016. Two people were killed and four were taken to the hospital
In Rochester, NY:
One person is dead and seven others hurt following a shooting early Sunday morning in Rochester.
That's all—just felt like sharing. Yur welcome!