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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Delicate Flower

The last couple of days have been warm and sunny. Absolutely gorgeous and wonderfully trikable. BUT, you may ask, isn’t everyday wonderfully trikable?


I seem to have become a weather weenie over the last two years. I blame that damned Snowmageddon winter. Understandable, right? So what’s my excuse for this past winter? It was one of the warmest on record and there was very little snow. Why wasn't I out there zooming around the Neck in mid-January?

Eh, I claim Delicate Flowerhood-ness.

Ya know, we get a lot of wind here along the water. The frozen, scalpel sharp gusts managed to pierce my riding shades (which I wear over my glasses for that extra special, groovy sun and wind protection) and, babies, that was UNcomfortable! Yes, yes, I could’ve armored up, so to speak, and applied more of my nighttime eye goop to the wonky left eye but I didn’t.

The old triking machismo lay sadly, pathetically dormant this winter. Does this mean that my days of zipping around in 15º weather over? Emmmmm, who knows?

What I do know is that the warm sun feels fab and the fragrance of growing things is practically intoxicating. Everything smells different, alive and budding. Even the ocean's perfume is heightened. Seems it's got a big date with the sky and spritzed on a little extra of the expensive stuff.

Though raining now, the sun will be out later this afternoon, the temps will be in the 50s (just barely but STILL!)  and I’m gonna ride, ride, ride.

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