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Monday, April 18, 2016

Wave Action

Jen and I had a big Sunday breakfast at Stars. Damn, we love that joint. Except…except, for one thing. You see, Stars is in Hingham which is one of the wealthiest towns around. In fact, the Patriot Ledger notes that Hingham has the most millionaires of any town on the South Shore of Boston.

How does this effect our enjoyment factor? This is truly minor BUT it’s not unusual at all for families with multiple young, rambunctious, loud (so Jen tells me) kiddles to be there too.

Parents and scions alike, unconsciously brim with the knowledge that they are deserving of all good things in life. There’s no ifs, no question on this. They are blond, monied and entitled to the best. Always have been, always will. Oh and no one could ever possibly be miffed that their sweet, sweet bairn are unsupervised and bouncing off the walls – ALL of them. Big struggles for these folk are when the nanny gives notice or cook's overseasoned the lobster bisque again.

At this bright, early meal out, the parents are dressed in expensive casual wear. The husband looks like he might have had one too many martinis the night before. He rocks that rakish, haven't-shaved-at-all-this-weekend look. The wife is obvs tired yet perfectly coiffed, with flawless, if too heavy make up for this embryonic Sunday morn (perhaps obscuring the ravages of last night's late dinner at L’Espalier followed by groovin' to the beats at Tunnel?). The children are full of beautiful kid energy. They’re out, unbound and annoying the crap out of other diners.

Why are they at lowly Stars? Well, the Square Cafe and Tosca aren’t open for brekky, darlin'. Why are Jen and I there? The fab and reasonably priced food AND Stars is on the road down to Nantasket. It's convenient.

Yesterday was a big, BIG wave day. Yeah, not full blown mondo, like during a storm, but it was a blustery and the surf was dancing. The tide was at peak height and the  wind too strong so we ixnayed the beach walk and just sat on the seawall snapping pics.

In lieu of moar words, I give you ocean. Yur welcome!

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