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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dreamscape Horrors

Dreamed that I’d escaped rancidly vile evil doers. They'd intended to carve my sad self up after performing other unspeakable acts. Re: my successful, pre-demise break out – YEA me BUT I’d left innocents behind. I wasn't the only captive. The remaining lambs would die a screamingly horrific death and it'd be my fault for taking flight without them.

Christ on Curads, I felt deep, overwhelming guilt. I had to go back and rescue them. Of course!

I’d made my way to a safe house and told the man and woman I met there, what was up. Were these two old chums 'o' mine or just fellow combatants in the battle against pernicious villainy? Both? Who knows?

I said that I was going back in. I had to! The dude said he was going with me but first, we had to armor up. Would we go in all gun heavy like a Matrix-y Neo and Trinity? Just a thought but, if I’ve got to do cartwheels to avoid getting shot, I’m pretty much doomed. Also too, while I look good in black (it’s slimming, dahlins!) vinyl is just not a good look for me. Nope.

So then, what was our big plan? We’d break in, catch the baddies by surprise and jam big heroin filled needles into their carotids. That oughta do it, eh? While the demon spawn malefactors were out in Cobain-ville we’d rescue the captive babes and jet.

Just FYI, I’ve never done junk. Absolutely zero interest. Why’s that? Eh, I took the lessons left by Jimi, Janis, Mr. Morrison, Tims Buckley and Hardin very seriously. Shit's scary. Possibly, in this dreamscape, I was an ex-addict – unclear. Maybe I just kept works on hand in case of emergency? Ya know, for guests (I’m nothing, after all, if not a good host!)? Who knows, this was a bloody nightmare.

In any case, my partner in hopeful heroics had already loaded up his needles and was out on the rescue trail. I directed the Safe House Matron — go, grab my works. Now! I then became filled with doubt. Could I really pull this off? I’d have to, ya know, get up close and personal with the scum sucking, brutish fiends in order to stick them.
Rocco – my hero!

Could I do it? Would I be physically strong enough?

I’ll never know since, at that exact moment, our boy Rocco decided that he was in the mood for a major pat fest. Yeah, clearly my fierce former feral is the real hero of the night. He rescued me from imminent, ethereal weenyness.

What’s all this violence, uncertainty, insecurity and possible heroism mean?
Gratuitous Coco pic
From the Dream Dictionary:
Intense violence in dreams usually suggests a need for control and a fear of losing power in a real life situation.
Gee, DUH, rilly?!
To dream that any person does you violence, denotes that you will be overcome by enemies.
Hey, that's not a lock! Rocco woke me up before the closing credits!
To dream of getting captured is a warning to steer clear of gossip and intrigue.
Huh, that seems totally out of left field.

Bottom line, I’m the only one who can accurately interpret my dreams so I’m, pretty much, on my own sorting out this little horror show.


Maybe all this means is that I need to get a black vinyl trenchcoat? OK, I like this idea.

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