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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Spinning Planet

Just FYI and all, Friday was Earth Day.

I feel as though I spend the vast bulk of my outdoor time speechless – goggling at the balls on, stone beauty around me. My chin rests on my chest. I make occasional bleats – attempts to explain my dumbfoundedness but I can’t manage to speak and drink in, absorb, my glorious surroundings at the same time. It's one or the other, mon ami. In the face of this astoundingly brill earth, the old multitasking foo craps out.

That anyone credits me with having half a brain, is a shocker.

Helen’s in upstate New York, near the Vermont border with magnificent rolling hills, the Green Mountains, the Berkshires and vast meadows, all around.

Jenny lives in Arizona with a whole different brand of insanely fabola planet to marvel over.

Jeff’s up in New Hampshire’s mind blowing White Mountains.

Oni’s just returned from his brother’s place out in the spectacularly gorgeous Colorado mountains.

Christ almighty, living on a stunner of a planet like this, it’s amazing that any of us get a damn thing done each day.

I feel as though I could spend all day, every day marveling over the sun’s reflection on the water, the tumbling waves, the shadows cast by seashells and pebbles. And then I'd look up at the sky. Damn – look at those tremendous clouds!

Cool, cool River – Paul Simon 

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